Informacje o wydaniu Bacula Enterprise 4.0.5

Inteos oraz Bacula Systems zalecają swoim klientom upgrade do najnowszej wersji oprogramowania Enterprise Edition. Dzięki temu klienci będą mogli skorzystać z nowych funkcjonalności i poprawek. Jednocześnie uzyskają oni większą przenoszalność międzysystemową, stabilność oprogramowania i długoterminowe wsparcie.

By przetestować na własnym środowisku nową wersję Bacula Enterprise, klienci Inteos Sp. z o.o. powinni po prostu utworzyć nowe zgłoszenie w systemie supportowym Bacula Systems, podając przy tym posiadaną aktualnie wersję społecznościową lub też wersję Enterprise, z której będą migrować do wersji 4.0.5.

Informacje szczegółowe:

  • Better detection of batch insert
  • Fix bs ticket #2492 VSS plugin Registry recovery failed with Dynamic disks
  • Rename Bweb Enterprise to BEMC
  • Fix bug #1703 unable to bextract compressed files
  • Get full Windows Version display string
  • Better fix for bug #1603 restart of Virtual Full
  • Fix bug #1603 restart of Virtual Full becomes a Full
  • Fix bug #1608 btape test failure when block size too big
  • Fix week of year schduling bug #1699
  • Fix seg fault during cancel in SD
  • Fix #1696 about an error when displaying "Base" level keyword.
  • Fix #1695 about bacula-sd crash in detach_dcr_from_dev()
  • Check if volume name is valid in select_media_dbr()
  • Increase Windows backup/restore privileges possible fix to Virtual Disk
  • Improve bat stability by checking if page valid
  • Fix segfault with print_memory_pool_stats()
  • Add code to trim heap after big mallocs
  • Fix #1444 Restore attributes only for restored directories when using replace=never
  • Fix JobBytes counter when using Accurate/BaseJobs with checksum
  • Fix #1661 about verify differences with VERIFY_VOLUME_TO_CATALOG
  • Change Windows installer to be more Bacula Systems oriented
  • Add additional VSS error handling to Bacula core
  • Add additional error status to vss plugin + suppress warning message when no LogicalPath
  • Possible workaround for openssl tls seg fault after interrupting a system call
  • Add alldrives-fd.dll to Windows binaries
  • Ensure that Job duration is not negative
  • Add Slot to Media View table
  • Add old Exchange plugin back into installers
  • Modify Job view to follow backup progress in real-time
  • Set proper status of autochanger slots with 0 on startup -- no volume rather than unknown
  • Bat allow closing of all tabs + close tab clicked
  • Add indentation in lsmark command output
  • Center bat run window on screen
  • Fix #1669 making director's address required in traymonitor.conf
  • Update bat console display only if new text comes in
  • Fix windows problem on junction point when the target is very long
  • Create Enterprise FD OSX installer
  • Add brestore view to bat (does not yet work for Base, Copy, and Migration Jobs).
  • Fix #1648 about with multiple catalog
  • Add level option to estimate help command
  • Fix bat browser to ignore copy jobs. Fix bug #1604
  • patch 96793e fixes bug #1584
  • Fix bug #1623 about indexes that are already created or deleted in postgresql upgrade process.
  • Allow sorting of more bat media columns
  • Make Ubuntu autostart scripts LSB compliant

!!!!!!!! Important !!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are using the Windows vss-fd.dll plugin, you must explicitly install it after installing the Windows FD by executing the Windows VSS plugin Installer named:

If using the VSS plugin, you must have all components (Director, SD, FD using the same version). Please contact Bacula Systems if you want this module.

The VSS SYSTEMSTATE plugin component passes all our tests and is reported by customers to work.  However, more testing is needed for MSSQL, EXCHANGE, and the SHAREPOINT components.  Please note the following points:

  1. The SYSTEMSTATE component works well.
  2. The EXCHANGE component only works for Full backups.
  3. The MSSQL component only works for Full backups.
  4. The SHAREPOINT component has not been tested.

Thus we do not consider MSSQL, Exchange, or SharePoint to be production ready. They have been included so that you may test them, but please do not use them without very careful testing.

Before using the Exchange plugin (especially restoration), please consult the Bacula Enterprise White Paper entitled "Bacula and Exchange 2010", available by submitting a support ticket.

Please note that both the /@EXCHANGE and /@MSSQL components must always be called for Full backups.  If you include any Differential or Incremental backups in a restore, the restore will fail.  This problem has been fixed in the next version, but the changes are too important to release at this time.

The System State backup in the vss-fd.dll plugin does not backup the ASR Writer.  This is because Bacula Enterprise has its own bare metal recovery that does not rely on ASR. If you are interested in the WinBMR module please contact Inteos Sales.

When backing up with the vss-fd.dll plugin, you must use Accurate mode.  If you do not, Bacula will print a warning message in the Job log and you may not be able to restore all files correctly, because Windows does not always update the time/date stamp on certain  system files.

The Bat (GUI console) in this version has been updated with some new features. In addition, it must be compiled with Qt version 4.6.2 -- any other version is likely to fail.  There is a new release of depkgs-qt-28Nov10.tar.gz that allows building bat on systems that don't have Qt 4.6.2.

This version of the Windows installer includes two additional plugins:

  • exchange-fd.dll: this is the "old" Bacula Exchange plugin, and in general it does not work well, but it is included for those users who used the 5.0.3 community version of this plugin.  Please do not confuse it with the vss:/@EXCHANGE/ plugin which is a total re-write of the old plugin.  The two plugins for exchange (exchange-fd.dll and vss-fd.dll) use entirely different methods of backing up Exchange. The vss plugin is the new method (with VSS) that is recommended by Microsoft.
  • alldrives-fd.dll: this plugin automatically defines all drive letters that exist on your Windows system to be backed up.  It is equivalent to a series of:
    • File = c:\
    • File = d:\
    • ...
  • for each drive that exists. Documentation for this plugin can be found in the Bacula Enterprise manual.

Additional plugins:

  • The ndmp plugin (Linux only) allows one to backup NAS devices using the NDMP protocol.

Please contact Inteos Sales if you wish to use this module.

Bug fixes: 1444 1603 1608  1661 1669 1695 1696 1699 1703
Enterprise bugs: 2492